Diffusers - Instructions for use

100ml Diffuser: Unscrew the silver cap, carefully remove and discard the plastic stopper, and replace the silver cap. Untie the raffia from the bundle of reeds, place ALL the reeds into the bottle and fan them out. After approximately twenty-four hours flip the reeds over, taking care not to spill any oil. To refresh (if you can no longer smell the fragrance) turn the reeds over again. Eventually all the liquid will evaporate.

100ml Refill: A new set of 8 reeds is provided with each refill. The used reeds must be discarded (they become dusty, saturated with oil and no longer wick properly), and the bottle emptied of any residue oil which has become thick and discoloured. If a different fragrance is being used, wash the bottle out in hot soapy water, rinse in very hot water and ensure it is dry inside before refilling. We recommend that you always start with fresh oil and a new set of reeds.

Discolouration of the oil may occur after a week or two. Some oils are prone to oxidation when exposed to air and will develop a characteristic rust-like colour. This does not affect the fragrance.

The 100ml diffuser will last approximately two months. Evaporation of the oil will be quicker in an air-conditioned environment where the air is drier, and also in the very hot summer months.

How the Diffusers are Made?

The reed diffusers are made using diluted fragrance oil. The oil is mixed into a diffuser base to enable the oil to wick up the sticks.

Synthetic fragrance oils are used to fragrance the diffusers with the exception of Lemongrass, where mainly essential oil is used.

All fragrances are pre-mixed in large quantities according to specific formulas, and then bottled. This ensures consistency in the strength of all fragrances.

Odour Neutraliser Spray

These sprays are made using a blend of essential oils. Citrus oils are very good at neutralising odours and work exceptionally well in both bathroom and kitchen.

Linen and Room Spray

These sprays come in a selection of fragrances made with synthetic fragrance oils.

General Warnings

  • The diffuser oils and sprays should not be ingested or used on the skin.
  • The diffuser oils are not suitable for use in any other application (e.g. oil burners, potpourri).
  • The liquid in both diffuser oils and sprays is FLAMMABLE and may DAMAGE some surfaces (particularly varnished wooden surfaces, and painted surfaces).
  • All products should be kept away from direct heat / sunlight. Exposure to sunlight may cause the oils to change colour, and in the case of the diffusers, will dry the tops of the reeds out.
  • The addition of water to the diffuser oil will dilute the fragrance, make the liquid cloudy, and is not recommended.
  • Spiral Diffusion Handmade Reed Diffusers is registered on the Afritox database.
  • Contact the Poison Information Helpline immediately should any of our products be accidentally ingested – 0861 555 777

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